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Development Page for Divisions/Departments, Programs and Schools

Each year, at the direction of the Board of Education, the district publishes an updated issue of the Budget Book & District Profile. This is your opportunity to describe your division/department, program or school to the public.

This publication is a valuable resource for public relations, as a fund raising tool and to increase enrollment. Use the appropriate template below to provide an engaging, up-to-date snapshot of your educational programs, students and families, staff and special program offerings. You may want to review the 2009-10 Budget Book and District Profile before completing the template. Templates must be submitted by March 9, 2010.

Profile Templates

Fill out the (one) appropriate survey for your Division/Dept, Program or School Site:

Update Your Profile HereUpdate Your Profile HereUpdate Your Profile Here


We are looking to display photos of our students or photos that represent the school well.  If you would like to submit a new photograph, please ensure you have signed photo releases on file at your location. Photos must be in JPG or TIF format with minimum dimensions of 400 x 300 pixels (at least 300K file size, but no larger than 5MB). Original digital photos are preferred. Please email photos to Elizabeth or Daryl at the address below.

For questions, comments and concerns regarding your profile or new photograph submission please contact:

Elizabeth Blower
(619) 725-7221

Daryl Prendergast
(619) 725-5569