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  • Start with your neighborhood school.

    San Diego Unified offers excellent educational opportunities around every corner. Call, visit or enroll at your nearest site any time. No Choice applications are necessary when planning to attend a neighborhood school. 

  • Enrollment Options

    Find other educational options within San Diego Unified. 


    This data is provided so parents can approximate the chances of a student being offered enrollment at a given school through the Choice program lottery.
    The data represents a single school year and in no way guarantees the same number of students will be offered enrollment from one year to another. The numbers vary each year depending on resident students. San Diego Unified School District takes no responsibility for decisions made by users on the basis of this information.
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  • Considerations When Choosing a School for Your Child 

  • Apply Online November 1 - February 15

    Visit the application web page during the enrollment period. (Not necessary when enrolling in your neighborhood school.) 
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