Ten Tips for Teachers...

That Foster Connectedness to School

Boy with military parents
1. Help students get to know the strengths of each other, and you.
2. Involve students in planning, problem solving, identifying issues and assessing curriculum in the classroom.
3. Promote cooperation over competition. Post everyone's best work.  Offer opportunities for the class to work together to help everyone achieve their level of excellence.
4. Build a strong relationship with each student.
5. Convey attentiveness to students and excitement about learning through nonverbal gestures.
6. Involve all students (and especially new students) in chores and responsibilities in the classroom.
7. Integrate concepts of discipline and respect for classmates through instruction.
8. Give students more say in what they will learn.
9. Involve students in developing the criteria by which their work will be assessed and provide guidelines so they     clearly understand what's expected of them.
10.Use first person plural (we, us, let's) when presenting classroom activities.

(Source: Military Child Initiative, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)