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Services Available

Students who are in foster care are eligible to receive services that are comparable to those received by children who are homeless including, when appropriate, transportation services to/from their school of origin, Title 1 supplemental educational services, special education services, English language services, gifted and talented services, and meals through school meals programs. Please contact your school to determine which services/supports are right for your child.

Most special supports/services will be provided at least through the remainder of the current academic year—or until you find the foster child/youth is in a regular foster care placement—whichever is later. If you’d like to discuss your situation confidentially, you may call the Office of Children/Youth in Transition Liaison at (619) 725-7652

Students in Foster Care

Every student in our district is ensured access to the same opportunities for academic achievement and support, regardless of their living situation. That is district policy, and the law (see AB 490 Summary)

Our district works to maintain stable school placements, and that they be placed in the least restrictive educational placement and have access to the same academic resources, services and extracurricular and enrichment activities as all other children. Education and school placement decisions are to be dictated by the best interests of the child.

Foster youth who reside in a home that is only temporary also qualify as “homeless” under the provisions of the federal McKinney-Vento Act.. If you believe a student might be homeless, please see Community Resources and the Homeless section of this website.

The district provides parents and schools with materials that help explain student legal rights.

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