About Newsline

Newsline is the electronic newsletter for San Diego Unified’s employees, distributed to more than 12,000 staff and faculty members.

Items are updated daily by the Communications Department and are submitted by individuals and departments.

It highlights timely news and events from the San Diego Unified School District website.

Operational updates include: latest headlines, employee benefits, employee discounts, professional development, funding opportunities, community service opportunities and information to share with students and parents.

A “supply exchange” and classified section for personal ads are provided as a complimentary service to employees.


Do you have an announcement for Newsline? Newsline is updated daily, and items are always being accepted. A weekly email reminder to view the latest news and information published in Newsline is sent out every Monday. Items received by noon on Monday will be included in that week's email. Email items to communications@sandi.net and mark “Newsline” in the subject line.

Here are some guidelines for writing Newsline news items.

  • No more than 300 words per item. Be sure to include a contact name, phone number and email address.

  • Keep information concise, accurate and clear to all.

  • Avoid “eduspeak.”

  • Spell out acronyms.

  • Assume your audience is in the seventh grade and knows nothing about your subject.

  • Please write the items in a journalistic-news style, using the “inverted pyramid.” The lead sentence should be a concise, interesting summary of the story that lists the most important information and will draw the reader into the rest of the item.

  • Be sure to include all the who-what-where-why and how facts in your item. However, don't start your article with the date of the event. Give readers an interesting "hook" that will interest them in reading the article.


  • The District uses Associated Press (AP) style, which determines punctuation, some grammar and helps keep our writing consistent. Here's a good summary of AP style, but purchasing an AP Stylebook is recommended.

  • Give us an interesting headline; it is an important hook for readers.

  • Do write an article for your readers! Don't just send a flier and say "please post." Using the web saves money and trees! Don't ask your readers to open a file or print a piece of paper just to read about your event.