The Course of Study, K-12 describes courses and instructional sequences adopted districtwide, as well as districtwide pilot courses.

District Pilot and Site-Adopted Courses

District Pilot and Site-Adopted Courses: A Supplement to the Course of Study, K-12, provides a centralized source of information about district school-site pilot courses, site-adopted courses, and summer school courses.

California State Standards

Content Area Contacts

College, Career, and Technical Education Shawn Loescher (858) 503-1754
English Language Acquisition (for English Learners)      Mary Waldron
(619) 725-7275
History/Social Studies Micheline Wagner (619) 725-7138
Literacy and Writing Debbie Higdon (619) 725-7333
Mathematics Sherry Lawson (619) 725-7304
Physical Education, Health, and Athletics Bruce Ward (619) 725-7126
Science Don Whisman (619) 725-7345
Visual and Performing Arts Karen Childress-Evans      (858) 539-5349
World Languages Mary Waldron (619) 725-7275