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Budget Action: What Can You Do?

If you want to express your opinions about the cuts to educational funding, here are some options to consider:

  1. E-mail or call every legislator from the San Diego area and the Governor to tell them your concerns about cuts to education funding. We need a united San Diego delegation to pressure the Governor and legislature.




    Governor Jerry Brown

    Contact Form

    (916) 445-2841
    (619) 525-4641

    Senator Christine Kehoe

    (916) 651-4039
    (619) 645-3133

    Senator Juan Vargas

    Contact Form

    (916) 651-4040
    (619) 409-7690

    Senator Joel Anderson

    Contact Form

    (916) 651-4036
    (619) 596-3136

    Assemblymember Toni Atkins

    Contact Form

    (916) 319-2076
    (619) 645-3090

    Assemblymember Ben Hueso

    Contact Form

    (916) 319-2079
    (619) 409-7979
    Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher Contact Form
    (916) 319-2075
    (858) 689-6290
    Assemblymember Brian Jones
    Contact Form
    (916) 319-2077
    (619) 441-2322
    Assemblymember Marty Block Contact Form (619) 462-7878

  2. Join a group of parents, teachers and concerned citizens to make a personal visit to a legislator’s office soon in San Diego.

  3. Send a letter. Download the English Word document or Español Word document sample letter to consider.

  4. Send a letter to the Governor about Proposition 98 funding guarantees for education. Take a look at our letter as an example. Prop 98 letter PDF

  5. Share this information with others.