The History Net
This history website contains facts, documents, statistics on world history.

The History Channel
This site is the home page of the History Channel, a television channel that broadcasts historical shows and documentaries 24 hours a day. This site contains extensive links to various subjects, a search, a different opinion poll each day, and study guides for the classroom with suggestions for teachers.

Music History Resources
Music history resources. A detailed site with information on music history, with the development of music from the middle ages to the present.

The National Women's History Project
This is the official site of the Women's History Network, a network dedicated to the presentation of women's history throughout the ages. In many instances, this site casts a whole new light on famous events, such as WWII, etc.

Concordia University Art History page
"Art history is more than appreciation," quotes the page, and the launches into an in-depth study of art history, complete with criticisms, important developments, and other useful information.

History Television Online
From the Canadian History Television channel.