American Literature

American Authors on the Web
A Japanese page (in English) dedicated to American authors of all time periods from 1550 to 1950. Corresponds very closely with the American Lit class in many high schools.

The National Steinbeck Center
A virtual journey through the world of John Steinbeck, dedicated to his life and writings.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Apparently, a virtual museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, a little like the National Steinbeck Center site. We haven't really been here much, so any info about this site would really be appreciated.

Paul P. Reuben Web Site
This site provides for a myriad of literature resources, focused mostly on American literature. It has links to all sorts of information about American books and writers, as well as links to the courses this professor actually teaches. Moreover, it has appendices of links to help people learn to write better, including a link to the MLA Handbook.

Perspectives in American Literature
Covers American literature from the Puritans to present day with discussion groups about the works and the authors.

The Academy of American Poets
An organization dedicated to the support of American poetry.

The Art History Research Centre
Search, articles and other information for art history research.