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The days are warm and the nights are chilly.  An hour after school is out the sun is already starting to set.  Back-to-School Night seems so long ago, and the first progress report has revealed the work that must be done to successfully complete another school year.  It must be November.  Just saying the word makes me feel full.  I am filled with awe for parents who juggle work and family and still have time to be involved at school.  I am filled with pride for teachers who are care about making sure their students are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.  I am filled with thanks for students who are eager to learn and happy help others do the same. 


The end of the month will bring many rewards – time with family and friends, an opportunity to reflect on things we are thankful for, and for those who need it, time to catch up on school work. 

               Happy Thanksgiving                                                                                              

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