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This morning when I came to school there was a family in the front office - mom, dad, little sister and a 7th grade student eager to start her first day at Marston Midle School.  It was still early and the counselor had not yet arrived to get the classes scheduled, so when our newest student said she was eager to get her day started and wondered what the school looked like, I agreed to give her the "cook's" tour (pun intended).  It was delightful to hear her say she loves reading and get excited about all the possibilities our amazing library offers.  We continued our walk through the school and when she revealed that she loved manga, I was able to share that in our advisory period she might have the chance to learn how to draw it. After pointing out classrooms, restrooms, and the girls' locker room, I left her in the cafeteria, settled in by another 7th grade girl to eat breakfast before returning to the counseling office to receive her schedule.  What a great way to begin the day!  To see the school through the eyes of a new student, and to be able to share all the things we are proud of here - a place where new students find friends fast and can experience the magic of learning.


Dr. Betsy Cook, Principal


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