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Your presence here means you are eager to find out information about how to get the new school year off to a great start. That's GREAT!  We want that, too!   If you need assistance with registration, the office will be open to serve you on Tuesday, August 19th between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Also, please don't hesitate to call if you have questions.  We have office staff who can assist you in Spanish, if you prefer.

Students who are new to Marston will be able to pick up class schedules at our New Student Orientation - we call it "Anchors Aweigh!" - on Friday, August 29th from 10:00 am uuntil noon.  Pick up a class schedule in the lunch court beginning at 9:45 am.  Find your way to the auditorium by 10:15 when we will share information and create tour groups.  You are welcome to wander around on your own after that, buy PE clothes and school shirts if you want to, and then join the PTSA back in the lunch court for hot dogs and chips starting around 11:30 am. 
On September 2, the first day of school, students are welcome in the lunch court to pick up schedules beginning at 8:15 am in order to be ready for the first bell at 8:50 am.  Plan ahead for a place to meet when school gets out at 3:35 pm.  The area along Ute Street gets pretty congested, so a spot a little distance from the school may be a wiser choice.  Be sure not to park in the BUS ZONE in front of the auditorium and along Clairemont Drive.  Many parents have found it simpler to meet students on Waco Street - the east boundary of the school, or across Clairemont Drive on Mohoc near Clairemont High School (they get out earlier than we do, so it shouldn't be a problem).
Many students prefer to purchase their own binders/notebooks.  All that we ask is that they be free of graffitti on the front and back covers.  We will supply one, if you like.  There is a supply list elsewhere on this web page, but that's optional, too.  We will provide whatever is needed to accomplish the daily lessons.  Do take a look at the dress code.  We have discovered that it is best for students to dress comfortably, yet modestly, in order to be free of unecessary distractions in the classroom. Just because it is hot doesn't mean the dress code is suspended -  tank tops and short shorts are perfect for the weekend, but not at school.  Hats must be plain, unless of course it's the Marston Middle School hat which can be purchased in our student store!
Enjoy the last few precious days of summer.  Call us if you have questions.  We are proud to be part of your child's education!
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