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iPads in San Diego Unified

iPads for Staff

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As a part of the i21 classroom initiative, funded by Proposition S, year 3 classroom installations included iPads as the student device. These were deployed in over 800 classrooms for grades 5, 8, and High School Social Studies.

Each teacher received 2 full days of professional development on the iPad including:
  • Pedagogical uses in the classroom
  • Use of the apps in context of learning outcomes
  • Digital citizenship
  • Device Management

The district has purchased Apps which are compatible with the districts standard suite of software to further enhance the classroom experience and.  Included are:
  • Presentation - Keynote
  • Spreadsheet - Numbers
  • Word processing - Pages
  • PDF reader capable of annotations - GoodReader
  • File management - WebDavNav+
These apps integrate with district systems to allow file sharing between the iPads and the districts servers. This allows students and staff to access their files on any district machine or from home via the internet. Students and teachers are able to collaborate and access instructional content via the district's Moodle learning management system (LMS), My Big Campus and Safari Montage.