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Patrick Henry High is embarking on site renovations that entail major construction on our campus this summer. Due to that the campus will be closed completely to any/all public access beginning June 17th.

There will be NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO PATRICK HENRY FROM TUESDAY, JUNE 17TH THROUGH WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27TH , when Henry will open for the 2014-15 school year.

Patrick Henry Administration
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Attention student athletes and families:
The construction on our campus has made access to most areas of campus nearly impossible, and quite unsafe for all but construction crews. In order to impact Fall sports as little as possible, we have come up with the following plan for tryouts and pre-school practices. The no contact period ends August 3rd. Practices can begin August 4th. Check the website and with coaches for practice dates and times for each sport. 
Parking and student drop-off/pick-up will have to be off campus on either Park Ridge or Wandermere.  
The football and field hockey students will meet the coaches off campus at a spot to be determined by the coach, and walk as a group down Navajo to the west side emergency access gate to the stadium. The students and coaches will leave as a group after practice and walk back up Navajo so they can be picked up on Park Ridge. PLEASE DO NOT STOP TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP STUDENTS AT THE NAVAJO GATE. THAT IS A 50MPH SPEED ZONE JUST PAST AN ALMOST BLIND CORNER. IT IS NOT A SAFE PLACE TO STOP A CAR!
Volleyball students will follow a similar plan, but will meet the coach in front of the school on Wandermere, and access the gym by walking as a group through the quad. They will also exit as a group.
Coaches will lock gates during practice to keep wandering souls from coming on campus and getting into construction areas.
Tennis, golf, water polo, and cross country will all be practicing off campus, so are not directly affected for now.
The entire campus is a construction zone (technically closed to all of us), and it is not safe for anyone, especially students to walk around, thus the requirement of coming and going with the coaches. We can make this work if everyone is cautious and follows the parameters the general contractor and safety officer are allowing us. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
Jim Good, Listy Gillingham, and Jack Lococo
Athletic paperwork will be collected
during the following dates and times
July 28-August 1st  8am-12:00 Noon
For more information, please read the announcement below

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