Apple for teacher Welcome to the 2012 School Year!

I hope that you had a wonderful Summer and that you are as excited as I am to be returning to another wonderful year here at Perry Elementary. 
I consider it a priviledge and responsibility to be a part of the Perry family.  We have many new and exciting things going on in the classroom this year.  The third through 4/5 classrooms have been fully equipped with the new i21 technology, and the teachers have been able to start the year off with full implementation of this fabulous new equipment. 

It is my plan to go all tech as soon as I am able to get the students trained and on line.  So far, we have the ability to fully access our math and literacy instruction with hopes of being able to include the Foss science curriculum.  What this means is that students won't need to carry too many textbooks back and forth between home and school.  They will be given passwords that they will keep so that they can do their assignments on line at home and I will be able to go on line to see and respond.  Their progress will be monitored by the technology being used.  I will also be able to see the time and date the work is completed, along with all corrections and revisions of assigned work. 

It is also my plan to invite parents to come visit to learn how some of these tools work sometime in the very near future.  So don't forget to check on our classroom website for regular updates, homework assignments, and invites to learn more about these exciting tools.