San Diego

School of Creative and Performing Arts

SCPA provides sixth grade students with a program designed for a smooth transition into middle school. Core courses in the humanities and science are taught in our “Sixth Grade Village”. Sixth graders are taught the core subjects of Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop (a 2-hour Language Arts course), Social Studies, Math, Science, PE/Dance, and the year-long arts classes.  For GATE identified students, SCPA offers GATE cluster classes for grades 6 through 10 and numerous honors and advanced placement classes for students in grades 11 and 12.


 Lisa Lee
B.A. University of California Los Angeles
M.T. Walden University
Ext. 4501

Terry Miller
B.A. Queens College
M.A. New York University
Ext. 4504 
Nicole Walker
B.A. San Diego State University
Ext. 4502
Jackie Whiteley
A.A. and A.S. San Diego Mesa College
B.A. and MA. San Diego State University
Ext. 4117