San Diego

School of Creative and Performing Arts

Urick The English Department seeks to create culturally literate students who value academic as well as artistic literature; effective fluent readers that read with comprehension, analysis, and synthesis; strong writers and speakers who are clear, concise, and appeal to their audience; and active listeners and critical thinkers who research and evaluate information carefully.

By graduation, students should be able to:
  1. understand that communication skills developed in English are equal to and interconnected with communication inherent in the visual/media/performing arts.
  2. appreciate and understand the power of language and use its craft (both in writing and orally) to argue, persuade, inform, and entertain.
  3. be confident in ability to think, read, write, and discuss a variety of topics and issues (including the visual/media/performing arts).
  4. read, understand, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and cite information from a variety of texts (functional, prose, poetry, and drama).
  5. write process and on-demand pieces in a variety of forms and structures that are authentic, creative, and structurally correct.


Lisa Hayes
B.A. and M.A. San Diego State University
Ext. 4133
Becky Logan
B.A., San Diego State University
M.A., Walden University
Ext. 4132

Lindy-Meyer Ward
B.A. University of California San Diego
Ext. 4110

Bridget Persons
Department Chair
B.A. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
M.A. Chapman University 
Ext. 4130

Susie Strasser
B.A., University of California Davis
M.Ed., University of California San Diego 
Ext. 4301

Stephanie Taylor
B.S., San Diego State University 
Ext. 4108
Lindsay Ten
B.A. San Diego State University
M.Ed. University of Phoenix
Ext. 4128