Our Staff

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with an average of 20 years of experience.

Last name First name Position Extension Room Email
Ahrens Christopher Adaptive PE 2007 Rm B-7 cahrens@sandi.net
Alvarez-Gutierrez Nataly Prime Time Assistant 3027 Auditorium Cell 619-954-9280
Anderson Tiffany Prime Time Assistant 3027 Auditorium Cell 619-954-9280 tanderson@sandi.net
Ashley Sandra Night Custodian Supply Room earthlightworker@att.net
Benitez Rebecca Teacher - 1st Grade 2202 Rm. 2 rbenitez@sandi.net
Bernetsky Denice Elementary School Asst. 3021 Main Office dbernetsky@sandi.net
Bernitz Lynne Teacher -TK 2051 A-1 lbernitz@sandi.net
Boswell Linda Teacher - Kindergarten 2205 Rm. K lboswell@sandi.net
Burke Kathleen Nurse 3051 Health Office kburke@sandi.net
Burnworth Misty Teacher - 5th Grade 2003 B-3 mburnworth1@sandi.net
Chamberlain David Teacher - Pre-School 2002 Rm. B-2 dchamberlain@sandi.net
Clark Jenn Teacher M/S K-5 2110 Rm. 10 jclark1@sandi.net
Culbertson Holly Push-in Pull Teacher hvmills@cox.net
Dickerson Katherine SEA - Primary Rms. 8, 9, 10 dickersonkatherine33wyahoo.com
Espinosa Stefani Speech Teacher 2007 B-7 sespinosa@sandi.net
Ferguson Regina SEA Rms. 8, 9, 10 rferguson@sandi.net
Gist Jameica SET 2110 Rms. 8, 9, 10 jgist@sandi.net
Gomez Montserrat Prime Time Assistant Auditorium Cell montseg08@gmail.com
Goossens Joann Noon Duty 3026
Haffey Ray Sp Ed Teacher 2199 Rm. 9 rhaffey@sandi.net
Hale Lisa Teacher - Mild/M 3rd - 5th 2108 Rm. 8 lhale@sandi.net
Han Yun Hee Tides 626-318-7627 Conf. Rm. 1
Heatherington Franciska School Clerk 1 3020 Main Office fheatherintgon@sandi.net
Holdeman Jr. John Teacher - 2nd Grade 2106 Rm. 6 jholdeman@sandi.net
Hunt-Harkey Paula SEA 2109 Rms. 8, 9, 10 sweetpea9@cox.net
Jimenez Maria Teresa Teacher - Pre-School 2006 Rm. B-6 mjimenez2@sandi.net
Keeley Lorraine COTA lkeeley@sandi.net
Kinlock Cheryl Cafeteria Mgr. 3060 Cafeteria
LaRay RaChelle Teacher -Kindergarten 2052 Rm. A-2 rlaray@sandi.net
Leiataua Susan SET Rms. 8, 9, 10 susan@prideofpolynesia.com
Limon Ron BSS 3065 Supply Room rlimon@sandi.net
Lopez Maria Noon Duty
Lunceford Sonia Teacher Eng. Lang. Support / Literacy 3024 Resource slunceford@sandi.net
Martinez Olivia Teacher - 4th Grade 2001 Rm. B1
McLean Debbie Teacher - SEEC 2201 Rm. 01 dmclean@sandi.net
Montijo-Wall Roxanne Health Tech 3051 Health Office rmontijowall@sandi.net
Morgan Nick SEA Rms. 8, 9, 10 nmorgan@sandi.net
Nava Aimee Teacher - 3rd Grade 2203 Rm. 3 anava@sandi.net
Pataky Jeanine Teacher - K - 3 2109 Rms. 8, 9, 10 jpataky@sandi.net
Percival Clare Teacher - 1st Grade 2105 Rm. 5 cpercival@sandi.net
Perkins Michelle Prime Time Supervisor 3027 Auditorium Cell 619-954-9280 mperkins2@sandi.net
Phares Julie SET-SEEC Class 2201 Rm. 1 jphares@sandi.net
Poore Laura Physical Therapist 2004 Rm. B-4 lpoore@sandi.net
Ratcliff Shelly Teacher - 3rd Grade 2204 Rm. 04 maratcliff@cox
Rivero Jeannine Psychologist 3054 Conf. Rm. 2 jrivera@sandi.net
Sandoval Jenny Prime Time Assistant 3027 Auditorium Cell jenny_91@live.com
Shamburger Douglas Dist. Counselor 3023 Conf. Rm. 1 dshamburger@sandi.net
Shiralker Shivani Occupational Therapist (Tues/Wed) 2004 sshiralker@sandi.net
Snell Christina Art Prep 3070 Library csnell@sandi.net
Tellez Blanca (Sub) Guidance Assistant 3022 Office btellez@sandi.net
Thomas Belinda Head Start Program 619-286-1370 Auditorium 619-286-1370
Tucker Barbara Teacher - 2nd / 3rd Grade 2008 Rm. B8 btucker@sandi.net
Turner Stacey Teacher - 5th Grade 2107 Rm 7 sturner3@sandi.net
Venegas Martha Prime Time Assistant 3027 Auditorium martha_pirrus@yahoo.com
Voss Valerie Principal 3001 Main Office vvoss@sandi.net
Mendoza Judy Noon Duty
White Jaime Speech Teacher 2007 Rm B-7 jwhite1@sandi.net
Winters Willow SET-SEEC Class 2201 Rm. 1 wwinters@sandi.net