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Student Clubs and Organizations


Patrick Henry has many clubs serving students with a wide variety of interests. Listed are the organizations currently approved by the ASB student government. We welcome more clubs. Start your own, after contacting Henry's ASB advisor, Ms Courtney Kern (call extension 4302).

For information on any of the clubs in this list, please contact either the club faculty advisor or club president.

If you wish to form a club, or your club wants to hold a fund raising event, click on the ASB Forms link, download, fill out and turn in the appropriate form(s). 

Club Advisor Advisor Email Room # Meeting Info
Academic Leauge/ Mocktrial Ms Hamilton Bungalow 'J' Thursdays at Lunch
ACE Mentors Ms Moy 416 Thursdays 2:30
Anime/ Manga Ms Uyesugi 104 Fridays at lunch
Art History Ms Thomas 113 Wednesdays at lunch
AVID Ms Haff / Mr. Myette / Bungalows 'L' ,'O' Enrolled in Class
Biking Mr. Callen S-2 Fridays at lunch
Biology Club Mr. Mangahis 323 4th Wed of month @ lunch
Boys Basketball Mr. Lococo Gym After School Fridays
Boys Soccer Mr. Lococo Stadium 2:30-4:30 M-F
Cadalyst for Success Ms Ross 319 Tuesdays at Lunch
Ceramics Mr. Weatherly
Cheer Club Ms Clark Cheer Room
Choir Ms Love 600 1st Friday of month at Lunch
Circle of Friends Mr. Achenbach 122 Wednesdys at Lunch
Club Femme Ms Oberlander B-3 Thursdays at Lunch
Club Free Ms Collins Gym Tuesdays at Lunch
Comic Book Ms Good 111 Thursdays at Lunch
Computer Science Club Mr. Jaffe B13 Wednesdays at Lunch
Cultural Club Ms Silverman 414 Mondays at Lunch
Engineering Student Council Ms Moy 416 Mondays at Lunch
Enviornmental Club Ms Dickens 316 Tuesdays at lunch
Fashion Mr. Bolton 511 Wednesdays at Lunch
Fishing Club Mr. Spry 301 1st Wedneday of month at2:30
German Club Ms Lange B-11 Wednesdys at Lunch
Girls Tennis Mr. Lococo
GSA Mr. Frerichs 125 Tuesdays at Lunch
Guitar Club Ms Grkovich 119 Wednesdys at Lunch
Habitat for Humanity Ms Haff Bungalow 'O' Wednesdys at Lunch
Instrumental Music Department/ Band Mr. Kalal 602 Tuesdays and Thursdays after school
Interact Ms Adkins 419 Every other Thursday atLunch
It's a Swing Thing Ms Crampton Bungalow 'M' Fridays at lunch
Japanese Club Ms Uyesugi 104 Wednesdays at lunch
Key Club Ms Bunch Auditorium Thursdays at Lunch
Le Monde Francophone Club Mr. Johnston Bungalow 'D' Thursdays at Lunch
Link Crew Ms Ross Gym 1 Wednesday a month at lunch
M.E.Ch.A Ms Bunch Bungalow 'U' Wednesdys at Lunch
Model United Nations Ms Good 111 Tuesdays at Lunch
Nerdfighter Club Ms Silverman 414 Fridays at lunch
Paper Wasps Ms McCunney 412 As needed at Lunch
Patrick Henry Omies (Yoga) Ms Martinez Bungalow 'A' 1st Wednesday of month at lunch
Patriot Press Club Mr. Stanko Stanko's Rm Wednesdays at lunch
Patriot Rugby Club Mr. Chronopolos 300 Wednesdays bi-monthy at lunch
PE Club Ms Collins PE Office As called
PHHS Players Club Ms Carr 601 Thursdays at Lunch
Project 143 at PHHS Ms Hamilton Bungalow 'J' Tuesdays at Lunch
Rachels Challenge Ms Haff Bungalow 'O' 1 Wednesday a month at lunch
Red Cross Club Mr. Knapik 107 1st Tuesday of month after school
Softball Club Mr. Shaffer Fields 3:00 PM
Surfrider Club Mr. Miller 316 Tuesdays at Lunch
Track & Field / Cross Country Mr. Myette 218 After School