Upcoming ASB Activities

eat meet Lunch Concert - "Eat, Meet, & Listen to the Beat"
Tuesday, February 12
12:00 - 12:30 pm 

High School Prom - "Roaring Twenties"
dancers Grades 9-12
Friday, May 22
7:00 - 11:00 pm
Symphony Towers

Prom tickets need to be purchased early so that the venue can be reserved. As an incentive to buy your ticket early, a MEA family has offered to buy the ticket for one student that purchases his/her ticket by Friday, February 6. So come to the front office, turn in your permission form, get your ticket, and support this great high school opportunity.  
All students need to have a signed permission slip to purchase a dance ticket and participate.  Also, invited friends who attend other schools must have a signed permission slip and administrative approval to attend.
  • Ticket Price:  $60
  • Final deadline to purchase ticket & return permission slip:  Thursday, February 12, 3:00 pm
  • Return the completed form and purchase tickets in the front office.
All students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend our annual high school dance.  We have a breathtaking venue atop Symphony Towers (the 2nd tallest building in San Diego) and our theme this year is "Roaring Twenties."  Come alone or with a group of friends -- a "date" is not required.  This will be a fun way to celebrate your completion of this high school year!

School Shirts Available
COST:  $10 per t-shirt; $30 per sweatshirt
Purchase in the front office.  Please pay cash or write checks payable to "Mt. Everest Academy"

Overview of Events for Fall 2014-15
September 9 - Officer Speeches with cookies & punch
September 9-11 - ASB Officer Elections – balloting in the library
September 10 – MEA Open House 3-5pm 
September 24 – MEA Lunch Concert & Ice Cream Social
October 6 – MEA Field Day 10:15-12:30pm
October 7 and 8 - Spirit Days (for Harmony for Humanity Concert)
October 8 – Harmony for Humanity Concert 4-6pm
October 14 – MEA Lunch Concert & Ice Cream Social
October 21-November 13 - Ryan Bros. Coffee Fundraiser
November 3-7 - Jersey Mike's Subs Fundraiser
November 4 – MEA Fall Festival 1-3pm
November 5 – MEA Secondary (6-12) Dance – 3-4:30pm
November 6 - MEA Lunch Concert
November 6 - ASB Movie 1-3pm
November 14 –MEA Legoland Trip/Perfect Attendance Award
December 9 – MEA Lunch Concert & Pizza Party
December 10 – MEA Winter Crafts & Treats 
January 14 - MEA Lunch Concert & Ice Cream Social 
Overview of Events for Spring 2014-15
Thursday, 1/29 .... Science Fair Showcase
Tuesday, 2/10 .... Valentine Art Projects
Thursday, 2/12 .... Lunch Concert
Tuesday, 3/3 .... Lunch Improv Show (grades 8-12)
Tuesday, 3/10 .... Lunch Concert
Thursday, 3/26 .... Talent Showcase
Tuesday, 4/21 .... MEA Book Fair
Tuesday, 4/21 .... ASB Movie
Wednesday, 4/22 .... Lunch Concert
Thursday, 4/23 .... ASB Dance
Thursday, 5/7 .... Mother's Day Crafts
Thursday, 5/7 .... Lunch Concert
Wednesday, 5/27 .... ASB Sea World Field Trip
Friday, 5/29 .... MEA Family BBQ