Mt. Everest Academy

K-12 Independent Study

Application and Enrollment

Mt. Everest Academy enrolls students who show promise of success in a home-based education.  The program requires students and their parents to make a commitment to work independently to meet state standards.

In order to be fully enrolled at Mt. Everest Academy, students and parents will complete all of the following steps:

 1. Application

  • Request or download and print   Application      

  • Complete application

  • Collect and attach required documentation.

  • Submit application and all other required paperwork by mail, fax or in person.

2. Screening

  • Call Mt. Everest Academy at (858) 496-8778 to ask questions, discuss school program and if desired, take a school tour.

  • Participate, as needed, in a screening process of interview and assessment.

  • Be accepted for enrollment and assigned a supervising teacher.

3. Enrollment

  • Make and attend an enrollment appointment with supervising teacher.

  • Fill out all required enrollment forms for the school office.

  • Sign agreements with supervising teacher.

  • Pick up all textbooks, syllabi, and other school materials.