Your LAST GOLD SAC PAYMENT was DUE on Friday, March 28th, 2014!! If you have not made your final payment, please take care of it ASAP.  Gold SAC Seniors who do not pay their last payment will be bumped down to a BLUE SAC automatically and will not be included when Grad Nite Tickets are ordered.

TICKETS for GRAD NITE 2014 are no longer on sale.  If you purchased a Grad Nite Ticket and then end up being INELIGIBLE, you WILL NOT get a refund! All Grad Nite Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE!!


Each senior is REQUIRED to complete the LETTER TO A TEACHER and the TIME CAPSULE REFLECTION that was assigned in the GYM during CAHSEE Testing. If you have not turned these in, please drop them off to Mr. Duffy in ASB ASAP!! If you were involved in Testing or Field Trips during CAHSEE Testing, you need to complete these short assignments as well. You can pick up blank assignments from ASB during lunch or after school!

The CAP/GOWN/TASSEL Units will be paid for by the District for this School Year… but EVERY SENIOR is responsible to complete an Order Form get it back to SD Graduate Supply!! YOU tell them the SIZE, and WE (the school) will tell them the COLOR!! Order Forms were passed out through Gov/Econ classes… or you can order online at (super easy)!! Orders must be placed by March 31, 2014… if you do not have a Cap and Gown on Graduation Day, you WILL NOT WALK!!