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Department Philosophy:

In accordance with the Mission Statement of Morse High School, it is the philosophy of the World Language Department that the study of foreign language enables the student to communicate with those of other countries and to better understands the rich diversity of the cultures, customs, and traditions of the world.


 Why study languages?

*Children who have studied languages tend to demonstrate greater cognitive development, creativity, problem-solving skills, and divergent thinking than monolingual children.

*Studies show that people who are competent in more than one language tend to outscore those who are speakers of only one language on tests of verbal and nonverbal intelligence, including SAT tests. These results cross racial, gender and socio-economic lines.

*Four out of five new jobs in the United States are created as a result of foreign trade.

*Each year 200,000 Americans lose out on jobs with business because they don’t know another language.

*In certain fields, bilingual employees earn higher wages.

*Learning another language fosters cultural understanding and expands one’s view of the world.

Academic Expectations

In order to be successful in a foreign language, students need to:

  • Come to class and be engaged—focus on what the teacher is saying, ask questions, participate fully.
  • Study daily and complete all assignments.
  • Use the language at every opportunity!
Courses Offered

Spanish: Levels 1-6, A.P. Language, A.P. Literature.

French: Levels 1-4, A.P. Language.

Filipino: Levels 1-4, A.P. Language

Japanese: Levels 1-4