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Old yearbooks are available and on sale for many years. Call the Yearbook office at (858) 273-0201 ext 4507 and ask for your year.
Multi Class Reunion... For more information, click here:

We are maintaining a list of names and e-mail accounts of our alumni as a free service. These are not the people in charge of the reunions unless otherwise noted. If you wish to be added to the list below, please provide your name, graduation year, email, current profession and/or a little bit about yourself to our webmaster.

Check back and watch us grow! Please note that submitting your information here will not assure that the CHS Alumni Association will receive your info. For additional alumni information, contact Elaine Turnbull, Alumni Association for Class Reunion Information, at (619) 276-7786.

ATTENTION Class of 2000!
For reunion information, send your info (names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers) to

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ATTENTION Class of 1998!
Please send your most recent contact information including name, email, address, and phone number to We are in the process of sending invitations out for our reunion and need contact information so we do not miss anyone.


ATTENTION Class of 1997!
For reunion information see This is a website created by Annabelle Foard and will give you everything about who, what, when, where, how. Spread the word and get EVERYBODY there!

ATTENTION Class of 1979
For reunion information see To be added to this class email database email


ATTENTION Class of 1978!
Reunion Specialists have been hired by the Clairemont High School Class of 1978 to assist in the planning of your 30-year reunion. For more information, click here:  


ATTENTION all classes of the 1960's!
Class of 1960 alumni website:
Class of 1967, 40th reunion, open to all classes in the 60's. Download the invitation for details and detachable payment slip.


Class of 2002
Taunya Hinojosa - - Profession/Occupation: Teacher/Coach


Class of 2001
Carlos E. Gutierres -


Class of 1999
Paula Gross - e-mail to Paula
Tom Craft -


Class of 1998
Lisa Daniel -
Michael LoForti -
James Russell -
Jennifer Sanden -
Juan J. Gutierrez -
Michael Prine -


Class of 1997
Desiree Wolford -


Class of 1996
Tina McNeese -
Lola Hernandez - "I was ASB Senior Treasurer and the school Mascot, GOOOOO CHIEFS!!!"


Class of 1995
Gina Chapin (Daleo) -
Mia Fuhrer Hardesty -
Deisree Beck -
Emily (LeGrand) Usher - - Profession/Occupation: Stay at Home Mom, Idaho Falls, ID


Class of 1993
Marc David Wollam -


Class of 1992
Kobi M. Chelius -
Demond Wells -
Tiffanie (Sloan) Germany -
Hortencia Sandoval - - Profession/Occupation: Teacher, El Paso, TX
John Price -
J7OOOP@YAHOO.COM - Profession/Occupation: Account Manager, Marketing Advisory for Leslie Financial Services


Class of 1991
Irma Baiz -
Cynthia Barrios Castillo -


Class of 1990
Tyra Bain. - -10 year reunion committee member
Elizabeth Turner (Wierzbicki) -


Class of 1989
Jodi Ferguson -
Dorothy Wagoner: - Profession/Occupation: UCSD Judaic Studies Program Coordinator, 2502 Madison Ave., SD, 92116

Felix Garcia -


Class of 1988
Tracey (Williamson) Elgas - - Profession/Occupation: Tax Preparer
MaryLou Fletcher (Maiden:Welsh) - - Profession/Occupation: Teaching, Julian, CA
Claudia S. Copeland, Ph.D.- - Profession/Occupation: biologist, biomedical writer and editor, New Orleans, LA
Patty (Cardenas) Garcia -



Class of 1987
Class of 1987 Reunion
July 21st, 2007, Saturday
Bristol Hotel, Downtown San Diego

Contact Reunion Specialists by calling 760-721-0525 or by visiting their website:

Marion (Pecus) Sipe
Stella (Simone) Rogers
Claudia E. Jordan
Kelly Jones-Finkbeiner
John Wineski - - Profession/Occupation: Engineer


Class of 1986
Lance Worthey -
Michelle Kyle -


Class of 1985
Julie (Pollock) Vitale -
Sabrina (Tighe) Zweifel -
Kim Gonzalez (Wierzbicki) - - Profession/Occupation: Pre-K Teacher
Alma (Alcaraz) Bruce -
Rochelle Sloan Moody - - Profession/Occupation: Domestic Engineer


Class of 1984
Wayne Maynard -
Peggy (Gaylord) MacDonald -
Delrae Weathersby -


Class of 1983
Bryan Remillard -


Class of 1982
Jacklyn Hughes (Delhotal) -
Marla (McWilliams)Fryman - -


Class of 1981
Tamara Bailey (Jerome) -
Bjorn Hauerbach -
Jill Stones (Ownbey) - - Profession/Occupation: Artistic Director, Temecula Performing Arts Company
Pablo Mendoza
Jerry Webb -
Carie Evans (Greaves) - - Profession/Occupation: EMT/Paramedic, Coral Springs, FL
Keith Esser - - Profession/Occupation: Development Engineer
Kevin Whaley -
Missy (Ihrig) Knudsen -


Class of 1980
Michael Beach -
Chris Jerome-
Darlene Rohr -
Joanne (Wasenar) Marchesseault -
Tom Ventimiglia -
Timothy J. Cassidy, J.D., ARM -
Catherine Hendrickson -


Class of 1979: gmail account:
Kent Webb -
Donis Wofford (Armenta) -


Class of 1978
Kimberly J. Jennings -
Mike Soski -
Kelli (Gombold) Moors -
Daniel Smith -
Steve Dempster - - Profession/Occupation: Engineering Electronics Technician
Tommy Dykes -
Maureen (Johnson) Atwell -
Laurie McCallen (Vescelius) - LAURIE.MCCALLEN@COX.NET
Dennis Haggard -


Class of 1977
Laurie (Boley) Provencal -
Michael Anderson -
Erika (Webb) Penn -
Keith Thompson - - Occupation/Profession: Programmer, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Andy Van Pelt - andyvan92117@gmail.comProfession/Occupation: Software Engineer, Qualcomm
Cindy Leslie Vanderspek -


Class of 1976
Bryan Moore -
Patrick Howard -
Robert (Bob) Leger - rcleg@aol.comProfession/Occupation: Development Engineer
Cherie Annino Umscheid - - Profession/Occupation: consultant in accounting and systems administration
Visit the CLAIREMONTALUMNI-76 Yahoo Group


Class of 1975
Janet Badgett McClain -
Larry Moore -
Ward MacCauley -
Judy Perry -


Class of 1974
Brian Davis -
Tamara Lewis (Kolstad) -
Margaret A (Clark) Porter -
Bill Lundeen -
Scott Gorham -
Dhyanne Swanson -
Bob Kimble -
Rebecca (Howe) Sanford, RN, BSN -


Class of 1973
Dan Chadd -
Jeff Hughes -
Jill Russell -
Jim Vitkus -
David Mitteer - please visit Reunion Contact
Mark A. Gardner -
Jill Zimmerman (Russell) -


Class of 1972
Debbie McKesson -


Class of 1971
Paul Barnett -
Diana (Jefferis) Galler) - - Profession/Occupation: Nurse Practitioner in Spinal Cord Injury Center at Palo Alto VA
Genie S. Lerch-Davis -
Sue Munson -
Cathy Jean Ecklund - - Profession/Occupation: Ebay Entrepreneur Location: Franktown, Co
Dr. Chris (Pickerell) Ohana - - Profession/Occupation: Professor and Chair (Science Education) at Western Washington University and Journal Editor, National Science Teachers Association
Pam Wallace -
Thomas Morrow - - Profession/Occupation: retired firefighter, now on-call chef and part-time starving actor


Class of 1970
Virginia Lee Miller Cavanagh -
Cindy "Evans" Marshall -
Laurie Caledonia -
Forrest Welch -


Class of 1969 - class website
Sandra (Miranda) Blair -
Sally Williams -
Darlene Faber McLeod -
Donna Mayer Lutz-
Marlys Martin Perovich -
Lucienne (Cormier) McCauley -
Joe Kocherhans -  Career/Profession: Music Director; Operations; On-air personality; KSDS-FM; Jazz 88.3,  1313 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101. 619-388-3068


Class of 1968
BJ Daharsh -


Class of 1967
Colin Winfield -
Penny (Crobarger) Bernhard -
Rebecca (Cade) Richards -


Class of 1966
Robert Dill -
Alan Hill -
Sue (Adams) Mitchell -
Tom Williams -
Marilyn (Grayson) Malmquist -
Liz Shaw -
Jim Wickstrom -
Glenda Wickstrom (Haggard) -
Errol Rains - - Career/Profession: Self Employed, 37 Gunambi Street, Wallsend NSW 2287 Australia


Class of 1965
Karl Castillo -
Ron Milot -
Paul Hampshire -
Anita (Tuggle) Lawrence
John Shasteen -
John Wismer -
George Roswell -
Jim Buchenau -
Karl Castillo -


Class of 1964
Karlene David (now Beams)
Philip R. Boehme - retired -
Jackeline (Williams) Stewart - Reunion Committee -


Class of 1963
Karyn Farr -

   Reunion Chair
Mary Ross -
Ken Bowers -
Paul Guess - - Profession/Occupation: Real Estate Broker, College Instructor


Class of 1962
Charles E. Skip Covell -
Bonnie Jean (Brown) Arnold -


Class of 1961
Sandra (Jones) Feeny -
Dave Tooley
Bob Hughbank -
Sherry Leonard -
Jo Ann (Meredith) George -


Class of 1960
Susan McLane-Fredrick -
Bill Pine -