Our Mission

Bell Mission Statement

To provide a student-centered instructional program in a quality educational environment and that promotes academic excellence, social responsibility and emotional well-being.

Our Vision

It is our vision that all students can learn from a student-centered instructional program which provides a quality educational environment and promotes academic excellence, social responsibility, and emotional well being.

Bell's Teachable Point of View

  • All students can learn and we must provide multiple and varied opportunities for them to do so
  • Every decision is made with the needs of the student in mind
  • Learning is a reciprocal process
  • We are never done with our own learning -- every minute counts and we must model life-long learning
  • We must address the needs and idiosyncrasies of the students we have and address teaching accordingly
  • We must facilitate inquiry and discovery of everything to internalize self-directed learning
  • Teachers must be experts in the content, delivery, strategy and process of learning
  • We must establish clear and consistent expectations for high levels of intellectual rigor
  • We need to always add the “why” or “because” statement so stakeholders understand our beliefs

Bell's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

All Bell students have the power to shape the future and will be...

1. Effective communicators who use verbal, written, artistic, mathematical, and technological forms of communication.

2. Inspired learners who are responsible for their present and lifelong intellectual growth.

3. Productive workers who perform together and independently to create quality products and services that reflect personal pride and responsibility.

4. Responsible citizens who have a global and multi-cultural perspective and respect for the quality of life for self and others.

5. Resourceful thinkers who are problem solvers and risk takers, and can make critical evaluations in a variety of situations.