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ASB - Associated Student Body

You can become president. Not just when you grow up, but right now. Join the Student Council and learn leadership skills that can take you far in life. The Student Council is a student organization that provides opportunities for our students to actively participate in student government. Officers are elected by the students.

The Student Council conducts a variety of events and activities throughout the school year. With input from all students and staff, the Student Council sets a yearly agenda of activities that promote school spirit, charitable work, and positive recognition. Fundraisers are conducted to earn money to pay for student activities and to support classrooms.

 2014-2015 ASB Officers


  • ASB President - Marco Abbiate
  • ASB Vice President - Max Gruber
  • Treasurer - Phoebe Lemm
  • Secretary - Kalea Gurfield
  • 8th Grade President - Alexis Bradley
  • 7th Grade President - Pieper Hugus
  • 6th Grade President - Nathan York
  • ASB Advisor - Ms. Sheila Weiner


ASB 2014-2015

ASB has many exciting events, including the Magazine & Cookie Dough Fundraiser, Dances, and Red Ribbon Week. "Chill on the Hill" Fridays are a way for students to interact while having fun. Our "Chill on the Hill" programs include activities such as the Cha-Cha Slide, tug-of-war and musical chairs. ASB strives to create an enjoyable, successful school year!



Make somebody happy! Wish your friend a Happy Birthday... remember a special occasion. Balloons are $1.25 each and are sold at the Student Store during lunch only. They are delivered during 7th period