James Madison

High School


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program 


The Madison High School (MHS) Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program serves students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) for the entire San Diego Unified School District.  Additional students who are D/HH come from the neighboring Sweetwater Union, Coronado, and Poway Unified School Districts.  Students can attend the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program until their 22nd birthday.  The staff includes: five separate class D/HH teachers, one D/HH itinerant teacher, and one D/HH Communication Skills/Speech teacher onsite.  We have D/HH support staff including: a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, District (personal) counselors, an Audiologist, a Psychologist one day a week, a Behavior Technician Aide shared with other sites, three Signing Instructional Aides, three Special Ed Technicians, and one CommunicationSkills/Speech aide. Additionally, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) D/HH Interpreting and Transcribing departments are located at MHS.  MHS has four full-time Deaf staff members.

The MHS D/HH Department offers an education to fit the needs of all our students.  We are a part of the larger Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) Department at Madison High School.  We offer four basic types of curricula, with any combination, to match the needs and abilities of our individual students.  D/HH students are mainstreamed in classes according to their goals and capabilities.  We have students mainstreamed, in the full range of general education classes, from electives to core academics to Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  We have itinerant students who are mainstreamed for all their classes and receive consultation services from a site-based D/HH itinerant teacher.  Some of these itinerant students take a Reading Development separate class to receive extra support.  Separate class students have the option of taking general education, co-teaching, applied or functional classes contingent on Individualized Education Program (IEP) team recommendations. General education class students are mainstreamed with an interpreter, transcriber and/or student note taking support, and a D/HH co-teacher, as specified on their IEP.

Elective and applied classes are taught by D/HH teachers in separate small group settings with instruction given in the students' mode of communication. Applied classes are taught in separate small group settings with an emphasis on Community Based Instruction(CBI), vocational, and independent living skills.  Functional classes are offered for D/HH Special Needs students with a focus on academic, social and vocational skills.

Students who are D/HH students can also participate in the general education extra-curricular activities, such as Football, Baseball, Link Crew, and many more, with the support of interpreters. The D/HH department sponsors Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr. NAD) club to give students the opportunities to meet, compete and/or socialize with other Deaf students.  Students who are D/HH at Madison (as well as all students) benefit from American Sign Language (ASL) 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 classes offered for world language credit on campus.  Many MHS students are able and enthusiastic to communicate with students who are D/HH using ASL!