Herbert Hoover

High School

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College Avenue Compact 2013-14

1.         Program Overview

a.     Partnership with the City Heights Educational Collaborative, Price Charities, SDUSD, and SDSU that offers Hoover students guaranteed admission to SDSU upon successful completion of the CAC requirements.

                                               i.     City Heights Schools: Rosa Parks Elementary, Monroe Clark Middle  Wilson Middle School and Hoover High School

b.     Directors: Melissa Naranjo (On-Track Director), Laura Angel-Zavala, (Family Director)

c.     CAC College Peer Advisors

d.     Funding Base: SDSU Research Foundation, City Heights Educational Collaborative (CHEC) & Price Charities

e.     Program Location on Hoover Campus: Counseling Center

f.      Target Groups: 5th-12th grade; work directly, one-on-one with 9th and 12thth grade students. Gear Up targets 10th and 11th grade students during the academic year 2013-14)

2.          Purpose

a.     To ensure that students receive every College Avenue benefit, that their progress is monitored, and that necessary interventions are implemented to ensure their success.

b.     To prepare students for post-secondary academic and career opportunities.

c.     To ensure that students are college eligible and college ready.

3.          Proposed Outcomes

a.     Significant increases in grades and other graduation indicators (core classes) for program identified students.

b.     Significant increases in graduation rate of identified students.

c.     Significant increases in college applications and acceptance for identified students.

4.          Major Services Provided

a.     Individual and small group sessions

b.     Academic advising

c.     Monitor student progress with 4-Year Post-secondary plan for college readiness

d.     UC/CSU and community college application workshops

e.     Financial Aid/AB540 & Scholarship support

f.      SAT/ACT & ELM/EPT test preparation & support

g.     College campus tours

h.     Classroom presentations

i.       CAC Candidate Banquet

5.          Parent Involvement

a.     College awareness and financial aid workshops

b.     Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE); Transition to Middle School, High School, and College workshops

c.     College campus tours

6.          Data Collection & Tracking Procedures

a.     Data Collection- Monthly Staff Activity Report (SAR) and Yearly list of activities/events.

b.     Tracking tools- Students contact record log, session record log; data generated every two weeks.