Eligibility Requirements

A. Scholastic:
An earned scholastic grade point average of 2.0 or better during the grading period immediately preceding the season of sport. Eligibility can be gained or lost at the end of any grading period.

B. Citizenship:
An earned citizenship grade point average of 2.0 or better during the period immediately preceding the season of sport.

C. Residence:
A student must live within the designated boundaries
of a particular high school or be enrolled in a special district program such as VEEP, Magnet, Special Ed, Choice, etc... . Once you play a sport for any high school, you may become ineligible if you change schools without a change of address with your primary caregiver.

D. Physical Exam:
A physical exam by a licensed physician is required for each year of athletic participation.

E. Insurance:
The California Ed. Code requires that every student have specified minimum coverage.This requirement can be met by family medical insurance or by purchasing the district approved "Student Accident Insurance."

F. Summer school:
Scholastic eligibility for fall sports MAY be regained through summer school attendance. Unsatisfactory citizenship MAY NOT be regained in summer school.

G. Sign Ups:
All sports sign ups will be taken at UCHS during the spring semester.

Beginning this Fall (2013) Period 6 Athletics will no longer be offered. Students that must meet the physical education requirement for graduation and for the Sate of California will be enrolled in regular physical education classes.  All sports will begin after school generally at 2:30 p.m. However, due to facilities restrictions, Varsity Basketball players boys and girls must be enrolled in a 6 period physical education class. Water Polo players and Swimmers must also be enrolled in a 6 period physical education class.

Prior to participating in athletics at University City High School, all athletes must complete, in full, the Athletic Participation Form. FORMS can be picked up in the main office, the physical education office or downloaded off this web-site. The Athletic Packet includes: 

1.             INSURANCE – you may purchase student medical insurance, or

2.             INSURANCE WAIVER – you need not purchase insurance if you have coverage.

3.             ATHLETES’ AGREEMENT – read and sign the form.

4.             PARENTS’ CONSENT – all athletes must have parents consent to participate.

5.             PHYSICAL EXAM – physical examination by a licensed doctor.


7.             ETHICS POLICY (PARENTS)


            9.      CONCUSSION INFORMATION 


ELIGIBILITY – All athletes must have a 2.0 or higher grade point average in both scholarship and citizenship in order to participate in any sport.  Bring your report card to your coach if you have any further questions.