School Site Council (SSC)/ Site Governance Team (SGT)

The SSC/SGT is an elected decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers and other staff. At the secondary level, students are included. The SSC/SGT has an ongoing responsibility to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the site plan. The SSC also oversees all the categorical funds such as Title I, Second Language and GATE. All schools are required to have an SSC/SGT. Contact your site administrator or SSC/SGT chair if you are interested in joining.
School Site Council  (2013-2014)

50% Parent/Community Members                                          50% School Staff Members

Patti O’Leary, Community Member                                          Joel Spengler, Principal

Anna Perry, Parent                                                                       Ann Moore, Teacher

Dave Page, Community Member                                              Tese Smith, Teacher   

Chris Miller, Parent                                                                       Patsy Minezaki, Classified

Julio Osorio, Parent                                                                      Tim Halley, Teacher   

Lisa Taylor, Parent                                                                        David Hare, Teacher

Amy Redding, Parent                                                                   Tim Tomlinson, Teacher


Site Governance Team  (2013-2014)

Joel Spengler, Principal

Tim Halley, SDEA Union Rep.

Tim Tomlinson, SDEA Unit Member

Ann Moore, SDEA Unit Member

Tese Smith, SDEA Unit Member

David Hare, SDEA Unit Member

Patsy Minezaki, Classified Rep.

Patti O’Leary, Community Member

Anna Perry, Parent

Lisa Taylor, Parent

Julio Osorio, Parent

Chris Miller, Parent

Amy Redding, Parent

Dave Page, Community Member