Math Department

Pre-Algebra: Students in 7th grade Pre-algebra will begin an exploration of algebra and geometry. This will include number concepts and computation, measurement, estimation, functions, data analysis, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning as designated by the state standards found at Basic skills will also be practiced in this class.

Algebra 1: The focus of Algebra is to shift from the arithmetic skills to the more abstract algebraic means of representation by emphasizing topics that are current and relevant to today’s student. Students will explore the language of algebra through verbal, graphical, and symbolic form. Each lesson is designed to motivate students to master the content they need to solve problems involving applications, connections and integration.

Advanced Algebra 1:  An advanced course differs from the regular Algebra course in that students will be required to be involved in more higher order thinking skills.  Not just memorizing formulas or plugging values into equations.  Students will be asked to explain and explore why certain principles of algebra work.  There is a “how does it work” component that is strongly emphasized.

Advanced Geometry: Eighth Grade students who completed Advanced Algebra I in seventh grade, will be taking Advanced Geometry this year.  Through the introduction of the point, line, plane and space the student develops an understanding of theorems and postulates which form the foundation of geometry. The concepts of Euclidean Geometry are stressed through definitions and deductive proofs. Additional units reviewing the concepts of algebra as an aid in solving geometric problems will be added as required.

Click on the link below to access the California State Standards for mathematics