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Marston Middle School believes that all individuals with exceptional needs have a right to participate in free and appropriate public education. The teachers at Marston Middle School will ensure that the needed services for these students are provided to meet their unique needs. It is our intent to provide an educational opportunity, for students with exceptional needs, that is equal to or better than the services provided prior to the implementation of the Individual Educational Program (IEP).
Marston Middle Schools Educational Specialists work with a team to design and implement the Individual Educational Programs (IEP's). Special Education teachers at Marston Middle School are:
                                                                      Kristy McNamee
                                                                      Leslie Asher
                                                                      Doren Gendron
                                                                      Ron Montoro
                                                                      Jill Perlman 
                                                                      Jason Robertson
                                                                      Lisa Achenbach