Cherokee Point


Mr. Higa  Our Principal, Mr. Godwin Higa

Principal’s Message,


Cherokee Point Elementary School is a community of learners in which all children are encouraged to achieve academic and social success, to enjoy learning, to celebrate diversity, to develop analytical skills and to model exemplary behavior.  We empower our students to take responsibility for their own learning. Our students are active participants and every child has a responsibility not just to perform a task, but also to do it to the best of her or his ability.

Cherokee Point is a Trauma Informed school, the effect of trauma on health and achievement of the students and our school community practices Restorative Justice which asks who has been harmed and seeks to repair the harm appropriately.


In order for children to excel, they require an environment that encourages them to take risks in their learning.  All members of the Cherokee Point Elementary School community work together to create a nurturing and safe environment so that students can take risks without anxiety, can think critically, and are encouraged to ask questions about their learning and their world.   Cherokee Point Elementary School staff understand the whole child, and work on individual plans for each student to ensure success in and out of the classroom.


Cherokee Point Elementary School’s vision of a community of learners extends beyond the classroom community to encompass the school as a whole. Cherokee Point Elementary School solidifies respect for the greater community by involving members of the community and children's family in school programs and activities. The parent community plays a vital role by supporting their children’s endeavors and by actively supporting the school’s mission.


I would like to thank our students, parents, teachers, support staff, PTA and our community members for making Cherokee Point Elementary School an exemplary school in our community and district.


Mr. Higa, Principal