Our Staff

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with an average of 20 years of experience.

Staff Directory

First name Second name Position Extension Email
Fabiola Bagula Principal 2206 fbagula@sandi.net
Administrative Support
Juan Flores Elementary School Assistant 2200/2203 jflores@sandi.net
Alfredo Llamas Custodial Building Support Supervisor 2230 allamas@sandi.net
Nico Negrette School Counselor 2205 nnegrette@sandi.net
Raymundo Roldan Community Service Officer 2141 rroldan@sandi.net
Cristina Serrano-Vera Attendance/ Clerk 2208 cserrano-vera@sandi.net
Sandra Alvarado Pre-Kindergarten 4004 salvarado@sandi.net
Ivette Amarillas 1st grade 4355 iamarillas@sandi.net
Laurie Bergener 3rd Grade 4452 lphillips@sandi.net
Audrey Pulmano 3rd Grade 4454 apulmano@sandi.net
Mariana Chanfreau 4th/5th grade 4117 mluevano@sandi.net
Allison Curry 4th Grade 4116 acurry@sandi.net
Marisol Castellanos 2nd Grade 4355 mvirto@sandi.net
Raquel Duran 4th Grade 4115 rduran1@sandi.net
Cecilia Gerrits 1st Grade 4359 cgerrits@sandi.net
Yvonne Gonzales 4109 Special Education teacher ygonzales@sandi.net
Rosario Guerrero 4361 1st grade rguerrero@sandi.net
Robert Hampton 4306 5th grade rhampton@sandi.net
Erica Herrera 4357 2nd grade eherrera@sandi.net
Faye Hollie 4354 1st grade fhollie@sandi.net
Guadalupe Miranda 4356 2nd grade gmiranda@sandi.net
Yvonne Munoz 4360 2nd grade ymunoz@sandi.net
Jessica Navarra 4451 3rd grade jnavarra@sandi.net
Jose Neri 4305 5th grade jneri1@sandi.net
Miranda Padilla 4362 2nd grade mpadilla3@sandi.net
Michelle Pampo Kindergarten 4108 mpampo@sandi.net
Isabel Ramirez 4103 Kindergarten iramirez@sandi.net
Ramiro Ramirez 4453 3rd grade rramirez4@sandi.net
Silvia Rodriguez 4801 Pre-kindergarten srodriguez3@sandi.net
Stacey Sasaki 4105 Kindergarten sscott1@sandi.net
Courtney Tadros 4352 Special Education teacher ctadros@sandi.net
Maria Torres 4003 Pre-kindergarten mtorres@sandi.net
Rosi Vergara 4401 Special Education teacher rvergara@sandi.net
Veronica Villa 4803 Pre-kindergarten dvilla@sandi.net
Teaching Support
Jerry Bourbon 4403 Computers jbourbon@sandi.net
Cristina Cordova 2405 Language support teacher cjaramillo@sandi.net
Oyuki Gonzalez Psychologist 2120 2120
Pat Engman 4111 Broadcasting pengman@sandi.net
Ricardo Espinola 4357 Physical Therapist respinola@sandi.net
Thelma Garcia 4353 SLP tgarcia@sandi.net
Betty Gutierrez 4202 Resource Specialist bgutierrez1@sandi.net
Anthony Iati 4202 Resource Specialist aiati@sandi.net
Valerie McGinn 4403 Lab Science vmcginn@sandi.net
Ryan Guidi 2228 Physical education rguidi@sandi.net
Ehlanie Palacpac 4353 SLP epalacpac@sandi.net
Randy Parks 4111 Music rparks@sandi.net