Balboa Elementary: Home of the Bulldogs
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Our school features a great mix of diversity. With students from all over the world speaking as many languages as a mini-United Nations, our school offers unparalleled cross-cultural learning. While many of our students are working on their English language fluency, at the same time our entire student body is engaged in a challenging and academically complex 21st Century curriculum.
At Balboa School, we know that students welcome challenge and rise to meet it successfully, given the right guidance and tools. In the past Balboa received multiple honors and awards, including being named one of the nation's top math-achieving schools and an award from the major computer company giant Intel. With the implementation of the Common Core in our classrooms it will be an honor to help our students achieve a complex level of academic understanding to prepare them and to Develop 21st Century International Students ready to compete in a global economy .

Geographically, Balboa sits in the southwestern edge of the district borders, in a culturally diverse neighborhood with families from Mexico, Russia, Iraq, Sudan, the Congo and the Philippines.

We focus on the development of essential skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, public speaking, computer applications, algebraic reasoning and problem solving. To ensure the success of our students we have programs supporting English language fluency.

Our arts program this year focused on fifth grade students and music.  As a result of this focus we have a fifth grader participate in the district's orchestra.
Our teachers work in collaboration focusing in Common Core to ensure all students keep on track.  Family involvement is encouraged with many different options and activities. We have two monthly meetings, coffee with the principal and Family Friday. Grade level presentations to families are held three times a year to clarify student expectations.

We invite you to come see Balboa in action.