Where Technology and Character Come Together

Policies and Procedures

A core goal of Innovation Middle School is to develop character in our students.  While students have clear expectations for their behavior on campus, they also have the freedom to practice the higher values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty/Trust, Caring/Fairness, Perseverance, Self-discipline, Courage, and Citizenship.  However, there will be times when certain students will not make proper choices and may even abuse this freedom.  For example, if there is an incident of cheating, it is the responsibility of the school to teach the participants a valuable, lifelong lesson about the importance of being trustworthy.  Acts of academic dishonesty are of major concern to Innovation Middle School and include the following:

Cheating on Tests or Assignments
: A student is cheating when he/she is guilty or dishonest on any exam, quiz or assignment – or when he/she knowingly assists another in dishonesty on any exam, quiz or assignment.

: A student is guilty of plagiarism when he/she copies the work, data, disk, homework assignment, and/or textbook material (including any published print and electronic material) of someone else and claims the work as his/her own.

Theft or Alteration of Materials
: A student is guilty of theft or alteration of materials if he/she is caught stealing, exchanging, or altering test documents, class materials, and/or teacher’s records.  This includes a student involved in selling, distributing or accepting stolen testing materials - or a student who refuses to cooperate in an investigation of cheating. 

Consequences for negative choices will include one or more of the following:
  • Student will receive a zero on the assignment, quiz, or test.
  • Student will receive a referral to see their counselor.
  • Parent(s) will be notified.
  • A second violation may result in an “F” and/or “U” grade for the grading period.
  • Referral to the Vice-Principal or Principal with possible suspension. *District behavior consequences will be given according to the San Diego Unified School District Policies and Procedures Handbook.  The administration may employ alternative consequences depending on the behavior and circumstances involved.

Students who are consistently making the right choices deserve to be recognized. Recognition may include:
  • Students will receive a special honor at an assembly.
  • Student will receive public recognition at a rally.
  • Parent will be contacted with a positive call or note home.
  • Students will receive a special privilege at school (e.g. front of line pass)