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September 6, 2011 



Dear Parents,


We recently revised our Comprehensive School Safety Plan. As part of our plan, we are preparing emergency kits for each classroom. The kits will include a first aid kit, a flash light/radio, tissue, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes and an emergency blanket. We are asking you to please assemble a “comfort kit” for your child. During an emergency, it is important for children to be reassured that everything will be all right. The “comfort kits” are a personal touch because you prepare them especially for your child. The zip lock bag provided is so that you can include the list of items needed. Please put your child’s name on the index card and leave the card inside the bag to help identify each kit. Items for the kit:



§        Non perishable food-example: trail mix, granola bar, energy bar, etc…(no chocolate or peanuts, please)

§        Water- (no larger than 16 oz.)

§        Large plastic trash bag

§        Letter and or photograph from home- example: handwritten letter reassuring your child that everything will be alright.

§        Small travel size game- example: small pocket size games, cards

§        Please turn in your child’s kit to their teacher by Sept. 16, 2011.


Thank you in advance for your support,


Principal Ballard and the Cadman PTA