The Garfield Team Approach
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Our students face significant challenges standing between them and graduation. So we concentrate our staff on innovative ways to meet those challenges, wielding our most potent weapon -- our faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff are the integral part of our efforts at Garfield and share in our sense of purpose and enthusiasm. Staff members regularly participate in a variety of staff development activities including: peer mediation, gang prevention and race and human relations training, technology training, literacy workshops and school-to-career workshops.

One vital key to our success is our counseling staff. Our counselors have only 100-125 students at a time. The district average at traditional schools is 500. So our staff has the ability to offer in-depth counseling and support so important in meeting the needs of our young people..

All of our staff dedicates extra time and effort when it comes to student learning. They dedicate the extra time and effort that is critical in helping our students succeed.

Success happens every day at Garfield!