Our Staff

Our Staff
We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with a lot of teaching experience.
Lillie McMillan -  Principal
Nancy Knorr -  Vice-Principal
 - Nurse
Verena Jordan - School Counselor
Christa White - School Psychologist
Jerry Holmes - School Police
Brenda Mendez - Resource Teacher
Steve Schindler -  Technology Prep Teacher
Julie Pollock - PE Prep Teacher
Tony Jackson- PE Prep Teacher
Margy Gundert  - ELD Resource Teacher
Joyce Ibanez - ELST
Diane Biones - SDC 4/5 Teacher
Adriana Rivas-Quezada - SDC 5/6 Teacher
Patricia Fernandez- SAI Teacher
Jenna Brouillette - SLH
Jeff McCuish - SLH
Kanika Suon - SEA
Tanya Romero - SEA
Silvia Lira - SEA
Jesus Olivio - SET
Office Staff
Mauricio Cuellar - ESA
- School Clerk
Marina Valenzuela - School Clerk I
Ana Torres - School Clerk
Custodial Staff
Marco Meave - BSS
Arturo Gonzalez - Crew Leader
Joe Johnson - Night Custodian
Javier -  Night Custodian

To see a list of our classroom teaching staff click on the tab called, "Classrooms"