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Student Council

The Student Council is a student organization that provides opportunities for our students to actively participate in student government. Officers are elected by the students.

The Student Council conducts a variety of events and activities throughout the school year. With input from all students and staff, the Student Council sets a yearly agenda of activities that promote school spirit, charitable work, and positive recognition. Fundraisers are conducted to earn monies to pay for student activities and to support classroom learning.



***************STUDENT COUNCIL***************


Food Drive

December 9-17

Look for the red barrels outside of the school office.

BRE Kids Can Help Alleviate Hunger!!

Support people in need by donating the following “most needed” items:

·         canned meats (tuna, ham, chicken)

·         peanut butter

·         canned soup

·         powdered milk

·         Canned or dried fruits

·         Infant formula

·         Canned vegetables

·         Packaged nuts and seeds

·         Dried beans, rice & cereal

·         Dried pasta

Please NO glass jars, including baby food, home canned, or baked products.



December 16

11:15 a.m.

All school winter holiday singalong

Be sure to wear your festive winter wear

(hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.)


BRE Spirit Day

Pajama Day

Friday, January 21

(please wear pj’s that comply with the school dress code)