Silver Gate


Meet Principal Sandra McClure

Growing up in San Diego, I was lucky enough to have a very special teacher who inspired me to follow my dreams and make education my career. Now I find myself at the wonderful Silver Gate School for eight years, and feel that my dreams have indeed come true.

I believe in the transformative power of education so deeply that I even married a teacher. My husband, Steve, teachers Advanced Placement classes. We're nerds, we talk academic theory and research breakthroughs for fun. It keeps us both focused and energized to do our best for our "kids." After graduating from San Diego State University, I earned my master's degree from Chapman University and went on to earn my credential as a National Board Certified Teacher. The experience was outstanding for my professional growth, and I find the added perspective so vital to my role as instructional leader for our wonderful school.

Our staff is truly dedicated to building the strongest academic foundation for our students. Teachers here are very caring and give above and beyond the call of duty. You can even see that extra effort on parade, when our physical education teacher Jeff McCloud enters our students in the annual Ocean Beach Parade where the kids show off their balance and coordination by riding unicycles -- a pretty unique skill he teaches them. The academic focus of our teachers really shows as we watch our students flourish with our enriched and well-rounded curriculum. Our test scores consistently rank above average for the district, region and state.  

One of the greatest strengths of this school is its incredible parent and community support. So many people give their time, talent and money to invest in the future of these students. When I walk through classrooms on any given day, I know there's going to be a dozen parents pitching in, reading to kids, doing one-on-one time with literacy, doing the cutting and copying that needs to happen for teacher prep. Our parents host so many activities and programs, like our Jogathon, '50s Sock Hop and annual Halloween Carnival. The carnival is a major tradition here in Point Loma that draws more than 1,000 people every year. It's the kind of event that alumni love to come back to, which I take as a testament to our success. If alumni return that means we've been successful giving them a memorable experience during their education here.

When we talk family involvement at Silver Gate, that means all the family. Grandparents are regulars here, pitching in as volunteers and adding another dimension to the educational experience here. On National Grandparents Day we pay tribute to grandparents at Silver Gate with a special program, featuring grandparents going out and walking the track with the kids and then having a special lunch with their grandchildren in the lunch area. The students are thrilled to show off their school, and it is a very special event.

There is so much going on at Silver Gate as we teach our students to reach for the stars. Come see our school in action!