Harry M. Wegeforth Elementary is a small school located in Serra Mesa. Approximately ten percent of our students attend our school through the use of attendance waivers. Many families speak a language other than English at home. Languages spoken include Spanish, Vietnamese, Persian, Chinese dialects, Japanese, Tagalog, Samoan, Korean, African dialects and ASL.

We are proud to serve the individual needs of all our students. The majority typically remain with us for a full school year. Half of our students qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Approximately ten percent are English Learners. Ten percent are from military families. Our CDC and extended-day program serve 100 children.
We offer a comprehensive curriculum focused on mathematics and science. To prepare our students for higher education and a technological society, we continually strive to raise the test scores of all students, especially those who score at basic/below basic levels. We help parents aid their children at home and at school. We promote daily school attendance and instill in all students a favorable impression of the school, teachers and education. We build a team for success with the community.
Our teachers are provided with the opportunity to study and improve their instructional practices through grade-level meetings, observations in colleagues’ classrooms, participation in study groups and direct training on specific instructional strategies.