Where Academics + Athletics = Success

FacilitiesGreen School

Green's appearance is pleasing and well groomed. Students feel proud of their school and contribute to its cleanliness.

Providing safe and well-maintained schools is a top priority for the school district. To ensure that all classrooms and facilities are maintained in a manner that supports instruction, a scheduled maintenance program is administered by the district.

Green Elementary has a courtyard that enables the principal to hold a 5 minute update to the Green families daily. The flag rises above the courtyard to bring a morning focus when saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" every morning. To further support our academic focus at Green, a variety of tutoring areas and resource rooms are available. To enhance the dual focus of the Athletic, healthy choice environment at Green Elementary, Green has designed a fitness lab on site. Green Elementary is also is privileged to have a very large field that is hosts to 4 baseball backstops, 1 very large blacktop area and a smaller gated blacktop for Kinders.

Teachers have access to a centralized workroom, reading resource room, staff-development room, a multi-purpose media room, and a room for adaptive physical education.

The school's location is in beautiful San Carlos and convenient to Hwy 8 and Hwy 125.