Golden Hill

K-8 School


Our Beautiful Campus and Facilities

Campus clockGolden Hill School opened as a brand-new facility in January 2006. Each classroom features a state-of-the-art presentation station that includes document cameras, wireless microphone, wireless internet, and a wireless writing tablet, all of which can be projected with the ceiling-mounted projector.
 In addition to 32 well-equipped classrooms, the new campus features 59,800 square feet of facilities, 56 parking spaces, a multipurpose room, a library/media center, a lunch shelter, an elevator, a kitchen, a faculty lounge, a workroom, administrative offices, a community room, a counseling center, and an indoor physical education facility (completed in September 2009). Teachers have access to a centralized workroom, reading resource room, staff-development room, a multi-purpose media room, and a room for adaptive physical education.
The new site is located between A and C Streets and between 32nd and 33rd Streets, conveniently close to the 94 freeway in beautiful Golden Hill in South Park.

The new school can accommodate 700 students in grades K–8 on a 6.55-acre campus. Students feel proud of their school and contribute to its cleanliness.

Providing safe and well-maintained schools is a top priority for the school district. To ensure that all classrooms and facilities are maintained in a manner that supports instruction, a scheduled maintenance program is administered by the district.