Linda Vista



Linda Vista Elementary School is located in central San Diego. The majority (85 percent) of children are English Learner (EL) students. Most speak Spanish. All qualify for the free lunch program. We prepare students to become respectful, ready learners and successful members of our school and greater community through best instructional practices and advancements in technology, taught by devoted teachers, in partnership with families and community. Our teachers are NCLB-certified and have an average of 16 years’ teaching experience. Many are bilingual.
We offer SEI (Structured English Immersion), MEC (Mainstream English Cluster)  and Bilingual programs. Students in the latter receive instruction in Spanish for all core content areas while developing proficiency in English and Spanish. The goal is to exhibit grade-level competence in reading, writing and math.
The traditional instructional program is taught in English. An SEI classroom is provided for EL students demonstrating beginning levels of English proficiency. These students receive all instruction in English, with Spanish support if available.
We implement Dolphin Way standards for scholarly behavior. Positive behavior support ensures the success of all students. We offer computer technology lab for all students and i21 Classrooms. 
We are committed to engaging parents as partners in their children’s education. Many attend parent education classes, as well as Parent Teacher Student Organization meetings. Topics covered include helping students with homework, positive behavior support and home-school-teacher communication strategies.
Most recently we have added parent ELD classes and Rosetta Stone Lab for parents (see parent calendar for dates and times).