A kindergarten through 5th grade school

Volunteering At Miller Elementary

Volunteer opportunities at Miller Elementary are diverse.  It's our volunteers that set Miller apart and make it so special.  Please consider the many opportunities available and return the Volunteer Application Form English or Spanish to the school office.
For detailed information about becoming involved, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to the left. If you have specific questions regarding the Volunteer Opportunities at Miller or about any of the various forms listed above, please contact (858) 496-8319.
We thank you for your interest in making Miller Elementary a wonderful and enriching environment for our children to thrive and learn. It couldn't be done without you!

Volunteer Requirements

Requirements are in place to ensure the safety of our students. Please complete the necessary paperwork and clearances for the type of volunteer duties you will be performing.

Requirements for All Volunteers:

  • Completed Volunteer Application on File - Renewed every year
  • Completed TB test  on File - Good for 4 years from test date
  • Megan's Law Database Clearance - Rechecked every year
Requirements for Volunteers in the Classroom - Contact with Students:
Requirements for Overnight Field Trips - Alone with Students:
Additional requirements for Driving on School Field Trips:
  • Completed Insurance Form (available in the office) and copy of your driver's license