A kindergarten through 5th grade school

Parent-Teacher Association

Welcome to Miller PTA. The Parent-Teacher Association of today is a dynamic organization that has gone way beyond bake sales. Our PTA pays for field trips, buses for field trips ($180-290 fee), dances, movie nights and school carnivals. Our members have a real influence in the school and do everything in their power to make their childrens' school experience the best they can.
Miller Elementary School is very fortunate to have such a wonderful PTA. We have so many family and friends who contribute to our school community.  These volunteers provide an invaluable sevice to our students and school by working in the classrooms, behind the scenes, and lending support to our events.
If you would like more information regarding Miller PTA, please contact Sabrina Heffernan at (858) 496-8319 or
We are now looking for our 2013-2014 Executive Board.   If you are interested in running for one of the following positions available below please contact Sabrina Heffernan at  All interested parties must notify Sabrina Heffernan that you are interested in running for office for the 2013-2014 Executive Board immediately.  
 2013-2014 Executive Board Available Positions and job description:

Required Offices: 
President                                                 Job Description for President
Secretary                                                 Job Description for Secretary 
Treasurer                                                 Job Description for Treasurer 
Other Available Offices: 
Executive Vice President                           Job Description for Executive Vice President      
Vice President                                        Job Description for Vice President
Fundraising Coordinator                          Job Description for Fundraising Coordinator
Parliamentarian                                      Job Description for Parliamentarian
Volunteer Coordinator                              Job Description for Volunteer Coordinator
PTA Board and Committees2013-2014
PresidentSabrina Heffernan
Executive Vice President  
Anna Roker
Vice President  
    Marla Barlow
Treasurer    Nicole Rushing
Newsletter Coordinator     Christy Smith
Membership Coordinator        Vacant
Fundraiser Coordinator              Vacant
Volunteer Coordinators
Yearbook Coordinator      
    Christy Smith 
 Parliamentarian    Adriana Clemmons
 Box Tops Coordinator          Lisa O'Neil