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Lewis Middle School

Formal Observation

Pre-Lesson Overview/Conference Date with Essential Questions:


Name: ___________________________ Today’s Date:                                            


Date and Time of Lesson Observation:_________________________________________              _____________________


Standards: What do the kids need to know and be able to do?

What essential standard(s) will be addressed by this lesson?                                                                                                                                                             


Introduction to the lesson:

How will I connect prior learning? How will I introduce the lesson? What is the Essential Question for today?  How will I focus the students so they are ready to learn?

__________________________________________              _____________________

_____________________________________             _____________________            

_____________________________________             ______________                 _____


Instruction: What strategies will be used to ensure students learn what they need to know?

•Identifying similarities and differences •Summarizing and note-taking •Reinforcing effort and providing recognition •Homework and practice •Nonlinguistic representations •Cooperative Learning •Setting objectives and providing feedback •Generating and testing hypotheses •Questions, cues & advance organizers


___________________________________________________                 __________

________________________________________                  _____________________


Assessment of Student Achievement - Formal/Informal: How do I know if they learned it? How will I assess their learning? How will I close the lesson?______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                           

Intervention plan: How do I respond when they don’t show they’ve learned it? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                        Differentiation Plan: How do I respond when they show me they already know it? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                           



___________________________________________________                 __________

_________________________________________________          _______________


Follow-up Conference Date and Time after observation TBD with Admin.

Date:__________________________      Time: __________________________