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IB World School

Sessions Students are evaluated and have their progress assessed in several different manners.
We use the Elementary Student Progress Report from San Diego Unified School District.  We employ the IB Learner Profile over the course of a school year to illustrate how well our students display the habits of an International Baccalaureate student.  Students also self-evaluate and present their conclusions in our Student-led Conferences.
Elementary Student Progress Report
A new Elementary Student Progress Report will replace the Standards Based Report Cards in the 2014-15 school year for elementary grades TK through 6. This change aligns the elementary student progress report with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and will indicate the extent to which students in grade TK through 6 are achieving grade-level standards. Students are evaluated on their achievement of grade level skills, strategies and concepts identified in the California Content Standards. The marks for each grading period indicate the student’s progress toward expectations on a scale of 4 to 1:

4 - Exceeding grade level expectations
3 - Meeting grade level expectations

2 - Approaching grade level expectations

1 - Beginning progress toward grade level expectations

The progress reports will also provide information about the student's Social, Citizenship, and Learning Skills. It will be used for the November Student Progress Reports.
IB Learner Profile
In addition to the regular report card covering grade level standards, we report out on how well our students our students are doing with the Learner Profile.  Teachers grade students based upon how often students are displaying the habits of an International Baccalaureate student.  The report card is shown to parents at our first conference session and then sent home at the second and third conferences.
Student-led Conferences 
In the spring we hold Student-led Conferences.  This is an opportunity for students to share their perception on what they have learned, what their next steps should be and reflect on parts of the year that we particularly powerful for them.  Listed below is the Table of Contents we use for our student portfolios.

Kate Sessions Elementary School

International Baccalaureate Student-led Conferences

Table of Contents*

Reading Work

Book bag review for level discussions

Reading a passage showcasing reading achievement


Writing Work

Showcase a piece of writing where growth has occurred

Showcase various genres that have been taught during the school year


Math Work

Showcase a summative assessment

Showcase a constructivist question on the benchmark assessment


Action and Reflection

Showcase an IB project that the student is proud of where growth has occurred

Showcase an IB project where the student has taken action

Showcase an IB project that shows growth in the IB Learner Profile


Reflections to include:

Why I chose this project

What I learned

What I am most proud of in my accomplishments

What I am still working on

* The above items are guidelines for students and teachers in selecting items for the portfolio that will be used for student-led conferences.  However, it is not expected that all items under each category be included.  Students will complete a reflection in each area discussing his/her thoughts about his/her growth in each area.