Kate Sessions


IB World School

Nurse's Office

Our school nurse is Elaine Kooima, RN. She is on campus on Fridays. Constance Wilson is our Health Technician. She covers the nurse's office alternating Mondays and every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15am  to 2:15pm. They both can be contacted through the office phone 858-273-3111. If you have questions regarding administering prescription drugs, over, the counter medicines, or medical procedures please communicate with them.
We train our staff each year on medical procedures and first aid training. Each teacher has a first aid kit for minor injuries such as scraped knees. Other bigger injuries are sent to the office for further review. We contact parents when students come to the nursing office so that the parent can assist with addressing the child's health needs. Health Criteria for School Attendance and Medications at School We suggest the following criteria for school attendance:
  • children with a temperature greater than 100 degrees orally or 101 degrees rectal should be excluded from school until the temperature is normal for at least 24 hours;
  • children with persistent vomiting should be excluded from school until the vomiting has stopped for at least 24 hours;

  • children receiving antibiotics may attend school.

      Medications: The district procedure states any student who is required to take medication during the school day, prescribed by a physician, and may be assisted by the school nurse if written statements are received by the parent and the physician.  All medication needs to go to the school nurse and come in a container with appropriate prescription label from the pharmacy.


      Remind your child to come to the nurse’s office to take medication. The nurse may remind the student to take the medication, but is not responsible for the student’s failure to do so. Please call the school nurse if you have questions.