Digital Media Design


Kearny High Educational Complex

Crime Time
Collaborating in teams, students created an interdisciplinary, Flash-based game focused on the principles and applications of forensics. Community partnerships included Millennial Tech Middle School, Grossmont College's Administration of Justice program, a local medical examiner, District Attorney Shawn Tafreshi, and law enforcement officials. Time Warner Cable announced that the top three student groups will be showcased nationally in Time Warner Cable's "Connect a Million Minds" initiative.

2010 Winners
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Modern Roots
Students surround themselves with an issue that is affecting the modern world and trace its roots back to the source, addressing possible solutions. Working as a team they researched the history of their topic as well as interviewed people that have had involvement in the issue. They then developed Final Cut movies in addition to Flash animations that expressed their chosen issue. Their community partnership included the ITV Cable 16, which is a local educational cable channel based in San Diego, California, United States, operated by the San Diego County Office of Education.

2011 Winners