Digital Media Design


Kearny High Educational Complex

Award Winner

Meet Principal Hibbeln

Welcome to a school unlike any other in our county. Here at Kearny School of Digital Media Design, we challenge our students in innovative ways. Our school has shaken up the educational approach by designing education around a theme -- media -- and we have attracted students from all over the county with our bold new approach.

Our school has the backing of one of greatest innovativors of our generation, Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft computer giant. The charitable foundation launched together with his wife, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has invested nationwide in select schools taking new approaches to high school education. And after only five years in operation, already our students have shown that this approach gets results: We have one of the highest rates of graduates going to college in the entire San Diego Unified district.

Let me first shatter any myths that this is a school for computer programmers. Our program focus may be on technology but every student who comes here chooses DMD school because he or she has something important to convey, and the media focus provides a platform to achieve that. These are youths who think outside the box.

Our students and faculty have won numerous awards including a prestigious medal from U.S. News & World Report. I have been a professional educator for more than a decade at San Diego Unified School District. I chose this career because I wanted to support student achievement, and here I am really seeing that dream become reality.

Our kids are so incredibly clever they have, in our short time in existence, changed San Diego for the better. One of our many successful team projects included a challenge from former City Attorney Mike Aguirre. Our clever students figured out that if you slow the tankers coming into San Diego Harbor, it will cut pollution rates significantly and save money and fuel. They presented their formal proposal to San Diego City Council, to much acclaim.

I am so proud of each and every student here. When you come see our school in action, you will be hopeful for the future.